My teaching at the College of William and Mary has included the following
courses: Developmental Biology, Molecular Neurobiology,  Neurobiology,
Molecular Biotechnology,  the molecular component of the Introductory BIology Laboratory,
Molecular Developmental Biology Laboratory, and an Update Course In Molecular Biotechnology
for Local High School Teachers.  For syllabi and assignments, click on the relevant links

Developmental Biology
      • Developmental Biology Syllabus
      • Developmental Biology Paper Assignment
      • Bioinformatics Assignment

Molecular Neurobiology
      • Syllabus for Molec. Neurobiology

      • Neurobiology Syllabus
      •    “Drug of Your Choice” Paper Assignment
      •    “Take Home” Final Examination

Molecular Biotechnology
      • Molecular Biotechnology Syllabus
      • Molecular Biotechnology Paper Assignment


Introductory Biology:  Molecules, Cells, Development

      •Syllabus for BIO 203


Introductory Biology Laboratory: Molecular Biology
      • Overview of Molec. Biol. Intro. Labs

Molecular Developmental Biology Laboratory
      • Developmental Laboratory Syllabus

Update Course For Teachers in Molecular Biotechnology
      • Syllabus for Teacher Update Course in Molecular Biotechnology