MOLECULAR BIOTECHNOLOGY (Biology 404 & Biology 680)
Final Paper Assignment

 One of the requirements of the course is a 10-15 page (double-spaced) paper on a topic of your choice that is related to molecular biology or biotechnology.

Choice of Topic: The topic should be on some aspect of molecular biology and/or biotechnology.  It does not have to be on something we covered in class; there are many additional topics that we simply did not have the time to cover. You may choose a specific technique, a disease, a gene, or a "problem".  However, remember to keep your topic choice focused, otherwise it will be very difficult to research and write the paper. You should discuss the topic choice with me before you begin to write the paper.

Sources: Although you should feel free to read review articles and even textbooks to get background information, the paper should be based upon ~10-15 original sources, that is, journal articles.

Organization of Paper: Begin with an "Introduction" in which you state the problem and the significance of the problem.  This should be about 2 pages.   Then proceed to a "Review of the Literature".   This should be about 5 pages.  In this section you should succinctly review and analyze the current state of the problem or issue you chose.  Do not simply describe what has been doneľanalyze it.  Point out problems with the papers and "gaps" in the research.  This should lead into your final section, "Future Directions."  In this section briefly review the different possible future directions (1 page) and then review in detail (4 pages) the direction you think is most important.  You should present an experimental strategy and  be as detailed as possible in the space available.

Grading:   I encourage you to turn in a rough draft of the paper prior to submitting your "final" version.   I will review as many drafts of the paper as you wish.   The paper is worth 40% of your grade in the class, but if this turns out to be your best grade, it will be worth  more.